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    Load animation once


      Hello everyone,


      I'm atempting to make an interactive e-book/magazine sort of thing, but I've run into a problem. I have animation littered throughout the 10-page magazine, and most pages have at least one animation (picture flying in, apear/dissapear, etc).


      My problem is thus: I have the animations set on page load, which works fantastic the first time. Unfortunatly, it runs the animation EVERY time the viewer visits the page. I want it to run the animation THE FIRST time the user visits the page, and then stay persistant even if the person returns to said page.



      Example: user loads up the file and is taken to page 1, which is a content page with animations. These animations load the first time, and the user can click an article name to go to page 3. If they travel back to page 1, I DON'T want the animation to play again, but simply to show the tabel of contents.


      I am exporting into SWF, and I've looked around but for the life of me can't find a persistant animation, or animate once button or anything like that. I feel the answer is super simple and I should be able to find it, but no alas. Can anyone help?