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    Extension Manager not loading



      The Extension Manager is not loading AT ALL. I am using CS4 and Mac OSx 10.5.8.

      I have tried on another computer using same operating system/ software and it still is giving me nothing. Not even an error message or anything. All that happens is that I open it and get absolutely no opening screen or anything. It appears in my dock as being open however I can't see anything.

      Whats wrong Adobe?

      I expect better.

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          Carl Sun Level 4

          1. Please try to run Extension Manager using sudo command.

          2. If it doesn't work, kill the process, delete file: /Users/<UserName>/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Extension Manager2/exman_uiPreferences.xml, then retry step1.

          3. If it still doesn't work, create a file named "ExManLog.YES" under the /Applications/Adobe/Adobe Extension Manager CS4/Adobe Extension Manager CS4.app/Contents/MacOS, then retry step1. after a while, kill process, find the log files from /Users/<UserName>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Extension Manager2, and upload them to this forum.