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    FTP Connection Issues Dreamweaver CS5.5

    nkhm Level 1

      I can't ftp into the top level directory of any of my hosting accounts with dreamweaver cs5.5


      This is becoming a major issue and I'm aware now of other users with the same issue.


      First  log in to an ftp server works fine - the test case directory is created  and deleted - and I think it is this which is causing some odd  permissions issue.


      Second time you try to log in, the connection is made,  but then any directory listing times out. However if I define a  directory such as /public_html/images/ then it will connect and display  directory listings just fine.  Clicking "Test" in the server definition dialog results in an OK message.


      If i FTP in using a different FTP Client (in this case  Transmit) and upload a single file, the issue goes away, and  dreamweaver can again connect - one time only, until I perform this odd  "reset".


      This happens on all FTP connections across multiple  hosting companies (all of the hosting companies my clients sites are  stored at).


      FTP log is below:




      < 257 "/www"
        < 220 Welcome to Proweb Server FTP service (JubJub).
        > USER winfo
        < 331 Please specify the password.
        > PASS
        < 230 Login successful.
        > PWD
        < 257 "/"
        > CWD /
        < 250 Directory successfully changed.
        > CWD /www
        < 250 Directory successfully changed.
        > PWD
        < 257 "/www"




      Then it waits for a while before  giving me the following error message (I've extended timeout to anything  up to a couple of minutes, no difference):




      Toggling the "USE Passive FTP"  checkbox may help you establish a connection. -Select or de-select the  checkbox and click Test to tray again.

      -if you are connecting  using an IPv6 enabled server, please select the "USE IPv6 transfer mode"  checkbox in the Advanced site definition dialog.


      If  the problem persists, check you network settings, including the local  firewall settings on your computer, or consult your network  administrator.




      I have tried PASV checked and unchecked, performance optimisation, and every other combination available to me. I am not connecting through a proxy.


      The  settings on ALL of my sites worked before the cs5.5 upgrade. The  settings on NONE of my sites with a root directory specified work since  the upgrade.  The only thing that has changed is the move to dreamweaver  cs5.5.  I can connect with other ftp clients.  my ftp server settings  are correct. My server and network settings are unchanged. The settings on ALL my sites on other FTP clients continue to work fine.


      Am on an i7 2.8GHz Intel iMac running 10.6.7 with 8 gigs of RAM. I have quit all software except dreamweaver and tried running my mac firewall both on and off.


      Really running out of ideas, and know of other people with the same issue since the upgrade - what's going on Adobe?!

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          ultrageoffk Level 1

          Same for me, in that I had an unreliable and effectively unusable FTP connection with CS5.5 . I've reverted to CS5, because even though I'll miss a couple of the new features I need to have a working connection to the site when working with PHP - because otherwise I can't see my site at all other than via Firefox. I also suspect that at least a couple of times I've had some sort of corruption occur as a result of the FTP hanging. All was okay before CS5.5, and I may have slagged off a different hosting provider than my present one when it was in fact (at least in part) a DW issue. If it isn't fixed in CS6 then CS6 is unusable for me and I'd definitely be happier with 'unenhanced' CS5 FTP functionality. The theoretical performance gains with the CS5.5 implementation are trivial by comparison with the problems. If all else fails, please revert to CS5 code for the FTP side of things.


          UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is now fixed for me. The problem was that I did not have a proper web url entered in my site definition for the remote server. I'm not sure how that was placing any limitation on FTP access - after all, the need for a full site definition was removed a couple of software issues ago - but the fact is that with the correct web address entered I have working FTP on CS6 (and seemingly on CS5.5 too). I had a simple forward slash entered for the web address, probably as a result of some earlier investigation of the local server/remote server relationships for file upload on a PHP site. I was running CS5 with the correct Web Url entered, so that was working and the CS5.5, without the correct Web Url, was not. I vaguely remember reading that the Web Url was connected with DWs management of absolute/relative links and not much else, but it seems that is not the case. The new FTP is MUCH faster and I'm a happy guy. Site menu>>>Manage sites>>>[select your site]>>>Edit>>>Servers>>>[2-click your server]>>>Web URL:    Put in the full URL e.g. http://www.somesite.com . Not sure if you need a trailing / after, but I have one.


          UPDATING AGAIN: Through all of that I had turned on the  'IPv6 protocol' and 'Passive FTP' options in an attempt to get working. The result of that was FTP that worked well once transferring files but often took a while to hook up. Deselecting those, and using CS6, I'm happy with my FTP.

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            nwilli203 Level 1

            This is the first time I actually responded to one of these but I actually know the problem... If you are trying to connect using a hotspot via usb,it will not work for you and you will get the error continueously no matter what you do to the settings. You must have a wifi connection. Happy coding!

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