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    Flash Player 10.3 won't stay loaded?


      Hi, I have XP Media Center Edition SP3, and recently had a catastrophic software failure. I had to reinstall windows over itself in the same directory. Since then, a few things don't work quite right. One of them is, almost every time I reboot my computer, shortly thereafter I get the notice that Adobe Flash Player 10.3 upgrade is available. I accept it, install it, and all seems fine, until sometime after my next reboot, and it asks the same question again. I think I've installed it about 4 times now. is there something in the registry that could be corrupted keeping this program from registering it has been upgraded? I also noticed that in internet explorer, some buttons on some web pages won't work (like Ebay). Some links do work, but some others don't do anything. I load Firefox, and the entire page works fine. I'm not sure if that's a flash issue or not.