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    Incompatibilities when using acrobat X as an OLE object


      I am using a machine running WIN 7 ultimate SP1 64 bit with Acrobat reader X at the moment.  I am currently having problems when trying to insert a PDF document (1 page) as an OLE object with a word processing (other than word 2003) software. 


      I have tried to insert my 1-page PDF document with word 2003 but to no avail.  The content of the error message is : "this object was created in acroexch. This application is not available to open this object.  Make sure the application is properly installed and that it has not been deleted, moved or renamed. "


      err - word with adobe x.gif


      Therefore, I unsintalled the adobe reader x and then reinstalled the version 9 - I could insert my PDF documents as OLE objects.


      I have contacted the technical support with this specific word processing software.  They have told me that I need to find out if there is a problem with regards to the OLE container and the acrobat 10. 


      I hope that someone might be able to help me with this issue - thank you very much.