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    Projector very slow

      Why would my projector slow down to a crawl on any machine but my own? There are some very small Flash files, but nothing that would logically cause this within the material itself. I'm running the latest version of Director with all the updates. This is confusing to say the least...

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          I have the same problem except that MY computer freezes. I don't know why because I have a fast computer with a Pentium 4. I will let you know if I find something about this problem.
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            swasher1 Level 1
            Have you upgraded to 10.1 and placed the new versions of the xtras in your xtras folder at the same level as the projector? That didn't help me with the speed problem, but at least the computer is not actually freezing up.
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              duckets Level 1
              What kind of project is it? Are you able to upload an example of a movie with slows to a crawl? Generally, a projector's performance varies pretty linearly against the spec of the PC, so it must be an issue specific to something within your project - but it's difficult to guess at without knowing more details about what goes in within your movie.

              - Ben
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                swasher1 Level 1
                The Flash files, while small, are the culprits. The project itself is almost 500MB with a lot of digital video attached, and is too big to upload. I've never had this problem with other projects that were similarly sized until I started putting these cute little Flash files in there. A test project holding only the 100kb Flash file slowed to a crawl on a P4 machine and caused another to crash. I've downloaded all the updates to the Flash xtras and upgraded to the very latest version of Director (10.1.1 I believe). Still, no joy.

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                  duckets Level 1

                  A couple of flash-in-director performance tips:

                  If you have multiple flash sprites appearing at the same time, check out the "commonPlayer" property:

                  If there's no other sprites overlapping your flash sprites, turn on their 'direct to stage' setting.

                  - Ben

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                    swasher1 Level 1
                    So I tried a very small (1MB) Director project with nothing in it except the flash file. It plays at exactly the same speed as the others, 3x as slow. I played it DTS and it still played 3x as slow. I re-composed it in MX2004 and saved it as a player 6 and 7 swf. No change.
                    Any ideas on how to make it play at real-time speed?
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                      swasher1 Level 1
                      Forgot to mention in the previous post that I've posted the file at http://www.medviewmedia.com/test.exe
                      You can tell how long it takes to play because the music playing in the sound channel runs out long before the flash file finishes playing