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    Flicker problem when using slow motion


      As a wedding videographer, I use a fair bit of slow motion. Usually slowing the clips down to 50%.


      Using Premiere CS5, I get a lot of flickering in certain scenes - particularly on shiny jewelry, shots of trees in background (I assume its the light shining through the trees) and shirts and dresses that are heavily patterned.


      I'm shooting using a Canon XHA1 and as I am in the UK, I shoot in 50i.


      I had the same problem on a different PC using CS4 although it wasn't as bad.


      Now I've changed the PC, upgraded to CS5 and even bought a new FireWire cable and the problem is still there and worse.


      I use Flicker removal on these clips and this does the job in most situations but it seems like I have to use this on almost half my clips to make them usable.


      Also when using flicker removal, if there is any movement in the shot (people walking etc), the motion tends to be a bit juddery and not that smooth.


      If anybody can offer any solution to the problem, I would really appreciate it.