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    Vignette with Gaussian Blur


      I'm pretty new to PP and could use a tip on achieving the following effect:


      I want to vignette to the edges of my video but instead of a darken effect I want a gaussian blur.  I assume I need to create a matte and then add the blur but I could use a tip or two about the most effective way to go about this.


      Appreciate the help.

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          Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can do this several ways.

          Make a white oval in the titler. Superimpose this title over your footage and add the blur. Set it to your liking. Add track matte effect to footage and set it to track 2.

          Or use the circle effect on the footage. Size it out to the edges and set it to stencil alfa,

          Or make a matte in Photoshop instead of the titler.

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