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    Enter key not captured when pressed in last row of AdvancedDataGrid

    bon_t Level 1

      Hi All,


      I'm using an AdvancedDataGrid component in Flex 4, ActionScript 3.


      I set the keyUp attribute of the grid to the following inlined method:


      protected function adgGrid_keyHandler( event:KeyboardEvent ):void {
      // If user presses Enter (13) or Tab (9).
      if ( event.charCode == 13 || event.charCode == 9 ) {

      I put a breakpoint inside this method. When I'm in Edit mode in any  cell on the last row of the grid, and I press Enter, the keyUp event is  not captured (ie. the code does not stop at the breakpoint). This also  happens when I'm in Edit mode in the last cell in the last row, and I  press Tab.


      Is this a known bug? What's a logical/adequate workaround for it?

      Thanks! Bonnie