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    Popup Windows

      Hello All!

      Is there a trick to prevent "popup window topics" from appearing in RH7 WebHelp's Search results? I have several topics that contain popup windows with data relating to the topic. I do not want the popup topic to appear in Search results. Thank you, thank you!!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Patti

          I'm not sure if upgrading to RoboHelp 8 is an option. If so, this is stupid simple in RoboHelp 8. You just right-click the topics you want to hide from the search and choose Properties. Then click the General tab and place a check mark in the check box to exclude the topics from search.

          If you are sticking with version 7 for a while you have a couple of options.

          Generate twice to two different locations. The first generation is a full generation. The second pass through you would have the unwanted popup topics tagged with a Conditional Build Tag so they don't appear in the output. You would then copy the search bits of the second project so they overwrite the search bits of the first.

          I know, messy huh?

          The next option is even messier. You leave the topics in the project then rename them behind RoboHelp's back so it thinks they have gone missing. Usually you rename to .XHTM. You then add them back into the appropriate locations as Baggage files and amend any links so they point to the .XHTM files.

          Upgrading to version 8 is the simplest approach (if you can).

          Cheers... Rick