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    Run away Flex

    TucsonJava Level 1
      I've seen the messages about excess memory usage and I'd have to agree. That's my experience too. Often I will have to restart eclipse after several hours of work in order to get response time back to acceptable.

      However, today (and other times in the past) I'm experiencing a problem of a run away process. I have been editing several AS classes and mxml files (6 or so) and as I started adding a new line, the hourglass came on. That was 15-20 minues ago and it is still there. I have closed the few additional applications running with no effect. My machine has 1GB of memory (388MB for flex right now). More than likely I will have to abort the process and re-enter the work I lost.

      Typically, I try to get as much work done (creating & editing existing files) before saving as it takes so long for the compiler to do its thing. My application is modestly sized with maybe 70-80 AS and mxml files. Usually count on 30-40 seconds for each compilation. Which is a fairly loing time to wait, especially if you have the habit of saving frequently (normally I do). OK, I'm going back to saving often.

      Am I complaining? Well, maybe a little bit. But I can live with the compiler architecture for now with the hopes that sometime in the future it will get better (like incremental compilation). But I really hope the Adobe team can come up with a more memory efficient Flex Builder and soon.