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    Need help with actionscript for media controller

      I seem to be having a slight problem. I've been looking around and everything I see is for .flv playback. Anyways, here's my problem.

      Client wants a video that's interactive. When a transition occurs a simple tex button shows up which links to certain web pages. Deploying this as a .swf would be no problem, but they want a controlbar with it so a user can scrub back and forth in the video. So the best way to do this would be progressive or streaming.

      I created a source file that utilizes the "loader component" and inserted the "media controller component". I'm not very good when it comes to actionscript and can't seem to find the proper script which utilizes the media controller so the user can scrub back and forth. Everything else seems to work fine with the loader as it loads an external .swf file.

      Just need to get the controller working properly. Total frames of the swf is a little over 3,000 and dividing the total frames by 30 was 107.7 seconds. So I round that to 108 seconds. The online docs seem to be fragmented and not always consistant especially when i'm not using the flvplayback or display.

      Does anybody know the actionscript for this? Or where I can find the information on this? I've associated the loader with the controller and vice versa in the behaviors panel as well if that's any help. Any help is much appreciated thanks.