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    InD4 - Won't let me put text up to the page edge - need to apply a header! Help!


      I am trying to put a text box at the top of my document to use as a header - something I've done hundreds of times before.  But, this time, when I add a text box, and add text, it's like there's an invisible object there with a text wrap applied, and it won't let me put my text to the top of the page.


      For info: the text box options are set to align text at the top, and to ignore text wrap on any other objects.  I've tried selecting all to see if there was something there that i was missing and needed to delete - no luck.  Even tried shutting down InDesign, reopening, and starting a new document - it does the same thing on the new document.


      It's a space about an inch wide, that extends from one side of the page to the other - but just on the top - I can place text all the way to the edge of the page on the sides and bottom, no problem.  HELP!!!!


      New Picture.jpg