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    Issues Exporting CSS files from Fireworks CS5 to Dreamweaver CS5.5


      Having opened a PSD file within Fireworks, I've made various slices, noting NOT to slice text with the understanding that Fireworks will do this automatically when exporting.  The issue(s) I'm experiecing are that when I attempt to export (selecting "CSS and Image (.htm)), to Dreamweaver CS5.5, the exported files (both HTML and the css files are visible in my folder) are completely empty?!? Understandably, when working properly, if I were to open the HTML file in Dreamweaver, I would/should be able to see within the code view the associated css code. However, in this case (this is the issue) both files are empty and nothing appears to have been "exported" other than the file names (?).


      css export image.jpg


      I've searched for solutions and have viewed many vids regarding the exporting process (it's rather straight forward). However, even basic attempts (i.e., minimal number of slices) are not generating the css files one would anticipatea following an export processt. Attempts exporting as "HTML and Images" works fine, but I'm really needing the divs generated from CSS.


      Has anyone else experienced this and found a solution?  I'm hopeful this is merely me missing a step, but having exhausted my efforts, i'm not sure what the ommission might be. Suggestions? [Note: haven't done an unistall/reinstall...yet]


      Thanks for any assistance/suggestions offered!!