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    Login Persistence and Security

    dagarrat Level 1
      How is kuler storing my login info on my computer? How can I login to kuler using one browser (say Firefox) and launch kuler in another browser - and be logged in automatically in the latter browser without ever having logged in using that browser? Is it somehow related to installing the latest Flash plugin for all the browsers on my machine?

      This doesn't pose that much of a risk on one's personal computer, but say I logged into kuler at an Apple Store (like I did a couple of days ago)? Even if I reset Safari and quit it, I can still launch Firefox and kuler would 'magically' log me in as the user from Safari. This problem is probably even worse at other internet cafes and computer labs that offer several popular browsers for use.

      It's important that I chose how to share my personal information. I never want that process to be inadvertent.