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    Debug error no such variable




      I have a problem debugging my air project in flex builder 3

      I have 2 variables:

          var test:String="hello";
          var test2:String="world";


      with a break point before the second

      a watch expression on the first(test)


      when i debug, it stops at test2 (as it should because of the break point)

      I now look at the expressions window and see my first variable (test)


      It doesn't show that its value is hello.

      It shows: <errors during evaluation> and when i click the + it wil show: No such variable: test.


      How do i fix my debugger??


      I cleaned the bin-debug directory of my project

      and run a clean project (menu project - clean) but nothing helps.


      Please help me out!! Without debugging im lost!

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          These are local variables in a function?

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            Starlover_jacob Level 1

            Yes they are, and i call that function by clicking a button.


            It gets even stranger. When i watch variables i created earlyer (lets say a month ago...) they do show in the expression window.. and the value inside that variable is correct. (no errors during evaluation)


            Hope you can get me closer to a solution.

            Greets, J.

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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              Post a 20-line test case that reproduces the problem.

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                Starlover_jacob Level 1



                i could give you a new project with a small test case of 20 lines, but code is code.. it would probably work at your computer.

                I did create a small test case, and it debugs fine.. it looks like there are some debug files  for my perticular project that needs to be re-build.


                I did clean the bin-debug file of my project, restart flex builder and did a clean project, but this didn't solve the problem.

                Is there or are there more things i need to do to properly reset the debugger?


                Early on my project, i did clean the bin-debug folder because i put some new images inside my project and when i debug it did not show that newly created images. After emptying the bin-debug folder and debug the project again.. it would display my images. So that problem was solved.


                I also noticed that lately i need to use project - clean a lot after i changed something in my project that directly has to do with the view (what the user will see on his screen) like reposition a button or something like that.


                I use sdk version: flex_sdk_3.4.0.6955

                Automatic update on flex is off

                version of flex builder: 3.0(build 3.0.194161)