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    Questions about folios in cs5.5, viewing folios on ipads and DPS


      Hey guys,


      I just purchasing the CS5.5 design premium suite and Im having some issues:


      1. I started building a folio and wanted to create another one and it wont allow me now. Says I need to upgrade to an acrobat version. Should I do this?


      2. i can preview a folio file in Indesign cs5.5 and I can see the file when I sign onto acrobat.com but how can I view the file on my ipad?? I download the adobe content viewer app on my ipad and when I sign in theres nothing there.


      3. Do I need to purchase DPS? I work at a small business and we want convert our workbooks and textbooks to apps on the ipad. To do this, to publish those apps and sell them, do I need to purchase the Digital Publishing Suite??