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    cropping shapes from a background


      hi there.. i have an sort of urgent question that is costing me my mind

      i have a document with a jpg background. over this background, i got some coloured

      vector shapes, letters, boxes etc - all with a "color-burn" effect, making the background shimmer

      through and look pleasant.


      now the thing is: i want the background to be only visible at the places, the objects are placed,

      basically leave the rest of the background (around the vector shapes) blank.


      is it somehow possible to crop the background around the objects?


      i'd be gracious.


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          Stix Hart Level 5

          Pathfinder.  It's hard to tell you any more than that without seeing a screenshot of what you're doing, but basically make a large "blank" box that covers all the shapes, select it along with the shapes and hit a button in the pathfinder panel.  Not what you want?  Undo and hit another one.  Repeat as necessary.


          Like I said, if you supply a screenshot you'll get more precise instructions...