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    Could not resolve <ilog:BrazilMap> to a component implementation.


      Hey all,


      A former employee developed a very nice Flash UI for our company's front page. I have taken his role since he left and was recently tasked with altering some of the code. The source code I have on file for this UI, when loaded in Flash Builder 4 using the 3.5 SDK, does not run flawlessly. Without changing any code, the application will not run. It gives me the error: "Could not resolve <ilog:BrazilMap> to a component implementation."


      If I click "Proceed with Launch" at the error screen, everything runs fine, however I cannot "Export a Release Build" until this error is resolved.


      Here's the namespaces found at the top of CountriesMap.mxml (where the error occurs):


      <mx:Canvas xmlns:mx="http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" width="100" height="100%" xmlns:ilog="http://www.ilog.com/2007/ilog/flex" xmlns:mccune="com.dougmccune.containers.*" creationPolicy="all" creationComplete=";" creationCompleteEffect="{Iris}" hideEffect="{Iris}" showEffect="{Iris}">


      About a hundred lines down, the actual error is triggered on the "ilog:" line of code below:


      <mx:ViewStack ... >

           <mx:Canvas ... >

                <ilog:BrazilMap ... />




      I'm relatively new to this (but not to programming in general) and the former employee is not available. Any insight you all could provide would be gratefully appreciated!


      Incidentally, I've tried tinkering with the namespaces (this is a common issue online), but just get more errors. :-/