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    Poor quality when exporting to MOV (H264/AAC) with CS5 and CS5.5


      Hi there,


      I need to export my HDV sequence (1440*1080 Pixel 1,33 25fps) using HDV footage only to MOV format (with H264 / AAC codecs).

      I'm using 1024*576 (1.0) SD preset with a correct video bitrate CBR 6mbs and the Quality is awful.


      When I use the H264 format ( to get a .MP4 file) with the same preset (1024*576 square pixel >> CBR 6mbs) the quality is quite good. I 'm pretty happy with that. The only thing is that my client (TV) needs the clip in MOV format (including H264/AAC codecs) and the quality is awful. They expect me to use FCP as most of the journalists here in France use this application.


      I tried with PREMIERE CS5 on a PC (windows 7 64 bits) >> 8G0 RAM, Dual Core

      and with PREMIERE PRO CS5.5 on a mac


      Same awful result when trying to export to MOV (H264/AAC).


      I heard that PREMIERE can't properly export to this format? Is this correct? If so, i need to convince my client to use only MP4 (H264/AAC) files since I don't really wanna use Final Cut Pro or Media Composer to edit and export my clip.


      Any tips ?

      Thanks guys.