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    Play Pause Widget Captivate




      I have read a lot of threads on this, and I am trying to create a widget that will allow the button to toggle between Play/Pause pictures and play and pause the captivate as necessary.


      Right now my script reads as below: The button will toggle bwteen play and pause pictures. But will not pick up the .rdcmndPause=1; .rdcmndResume=1.


      Can anyone help?


      this.Pause.visible = true;

      this.play1.visible = false;




      function hidePlay (event:MouseEvent):void {

      this.Pause.visible = true;

      this.play1.visible = false;


      MovieClip(parent).rdcmndPause = 1;


      function hidePause (event:MouseEvent):void {

      this.Pause.visible = false;

      this.play1.visible = true;

      MovieClip(parent).rdcmndResume = 1;