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    Memory increase using app-storage....




      I'm working on an application that stores pictures in a directory. I was using ApplicationDirectory, which I discovered is a bad practice.

      To access my pics, I used to use:

      baseDestinationDirPath = "app:/Images". My program uses about 17Mo of memory, runs fast, but will encounter security errors in the future.


      If I try to use ApplicationStorageDirectory (I copy files to applicationStorageDirectory):

      baseDestinationDirPath = "app-storage:/Images", memory cranks up to 323Mo !!! and the app runs verrrry slowly.


      What's the point???


      Please help.


      Thank you.

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          blazejewicz Level 4



          app-storage is AIR dedicated storage directory (exact location depends on OS version) - but it should not be tied to memory share that application takes/request/uses at runtime. Are you able to repeat that behavior? (so, now your images are in app-storage directory, application starts and use them - what is memory share per application?)




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            PMarzin Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            and thanks for answering. I don't exactly understand what you call "memory share". Maybe I didn't explain my problem right. Let's be more precise:

            I've written this app using Air SDK and run it under Vista64. It uses some pics, and user can add some, kind of a gallery to make it simple.


            One of my classes accesses thes pics, and performs simple operations (resizing, thumbnail generation, basic treatment,...).


            Everything was OK until I decided to use App-storage instead of App directory.(At first, I wasn't aware of the security problems raised by writing ApplicationDirectory).


            When I just change one line of code (baseDestinationDirPath = "app:/Images" to baseDestinationDirPath = "app-storage:/Images", the app starts running very slow and memory usage changes from 17Mo to 323Mo! Same problem wether I use a profiler or install and run my app.

            I just tried to run both versions under Ubuntu 11.04: same memory problem (+ I get a security-error when trying to write to app-storage...). Under Linux I can't profile it, but my app is MUCH slower...


            I really don't understand why using app-storage instead of app can alter performance so dramatically! I guess it shouldn't... I 'm trying to use different profilers to try to understand the problem, but I'm not experienced enough.


            Thanks for your help!