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    bizarre framerate after editing?


      hello everybody, first post here.

      thing is: i have a sequence with hd 1980x1280. second camera is sd with 760x576. i sync stuff, create a new sequence for multicam with 760x576, everything is fine. then i start cutting. the framesize of the cutted pieces dont´t fit to the selected framesize of the project AFTER the cut. i have to manually resize every cut. what to do?

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          Mitch W Adobe Employee

          Your HD footage should be brought into your SD sequence and scaled to the correct percentage first. For example, your SD sequence is set up to 720x576 and your SD footage is placed on video track 1. You place your HD footage on track 2 and scale the footage to somewhere around 45%. Now nest the SD sequence and enable multi-camera. Once cut in multi-cam mode, everything will remain SD frame size.