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    No Burners Detected


      OK here is my system information:

      Dell Vostro 1500

      CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5470 @ 1.60Ghz

      HDD: Hitachi HTS723232L9A360 Total size 266GB 74GB free

      Display: NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS driver is the current one just updated it this morning

      DVD: PBDS DVD+-RW DS-8WIP ATA Device

      Memory: 2GB

      OS: Windows Vista Home Premium SP2 all updates applied

      I think that should do it. My problem.

      I bought Adobe Premiere Elements 8 (just got it today in the mail) so that I could put slide shows onto DVDs that would play in most if not all dvd players.

      I got the popular message of 'No Burners Detected' when I went to create a DVD. So I went to the support pages and found the work around of buring the DVD image to disk and then copying the VIDEO_TS folder to a DVD. This DVD works just fine in my computer but when I put it into my DVD player it does not work at all. I know the DVD burner on my computer works because I have created DVDs for other applications with no problems (in fact i copied the VIDEO_TS floder with out any problems). I see in other treads about this problem that PrE 8 (and other versions) seems to support only certain DVD burners but no where can I find a list of ones that are supported.

      I am very disapointed as I bought this program for the express purpose of being able to burn DVDs of my slide shows so I could send them to family and freinds for their enjoyment.

      I am about to uninstall PrE 8 and send it back to get my money back as it does not do what I need it to do and is sappose to be able to do.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      I would also be open to another work around if it would allow the DVD to be played in a DVD player.


      Oh one last piece of info you might need I am trying to burn onto a Sony DVD+R 16x

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If the program produced a VIDEO_TS folder and you can play the DVD with this folder on it on your computer, then the software did its job. Your compatibility issues with your standalone DVD player are elsewhere.


          The most common reasons DVD don't play in DVD players:

          1) Bad disc brand. Verbatim discs are usually very dependable. Store brands and Memorex are notoriously iffy. Stick with a good brand.

          2) Your disc was burned too fast. Never burn a DVD faster than 4X.

          3) Your DVD burner isn't 100% compatible with home-burned DVDs. This is likely the case if you can play the disc on your computer but not on your DVD player. Try it on a friend's DVD player. Assuming it's a good brand of disc burned at 4x, it will likely play just fine.


          You don't say which software you used to burn your VIDEO_TS folder to your DVD disc. I'm a big fan of ImgBurn, free software that not only burns the video files -- but it also confirms their integrity. I've never had a DVD confirmed by ImgBurn that later wouldn't play on a DVD player.


          In any event, sorry to hear things didn't go smoothly for you. But it's not Premiere Elements that's the problem.


          (BTW, software like Nero often keeps other programs from getting to the DVD burner. So, if you've got it on your machine, it's a good possibility that it's why Premiere Elements can't see your burner.)

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with Steve on the playability issue. This ARTICLE will give you some background and then parrot much of what Steve mentioned.


            This ARTICLE will give you background on things that can cause your burner to not be seen, and give you some tips.


            Good luck,



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              RayGoLXXV Level 1

              I am in the process of Uninstalling Roxio Creator 2010. I will try again after all the components of that program are gone.


              I am not sure what program created the DVD (most likly it was Roxio) and I do not know what speed it used, I just dragged it to the DVD burner.. haha silly me.

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                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                Unfortunately, uninstalling Roxio (or Nero or whatever) won't surrender the DVD burner back to Premiere Elements. (I wish it was that simple.)


                Rather, it's better to just use Premiere Elements to burn your VIDEO_TS folder to your hard drive and then use ImgBurn to move it to a DVD.


                This doesn't cost you any more time. And, as I point out in my books, not only does it save you trying to wrestle with your computer, but it also gives you a master DVD file that you can use to burn off as many copies of your project as you need!

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                  RayGoLXXV Level 1

                  It seems to me that if alot of people have this problem, and I would think that alot do seeing as most if not all computers come with some type of CD/DVD burning software, that Adobe would want to fix it instead of having people use this work around.


                  You are correct I uninstalled every roxio application that was installed on my laptop, rebooted it and PrE8 still does not see my DVD drive. This is very frustrating to me. I would think that maybe PrE should not have the option to burn directly to a DVD and just have the two burn to disk options instead, but I am rambling.


                  I will go and download and install ImgBurn and try that (burning as slow as I can) and see if that will be readable by my DVD players.


                  I will let you know how it turns out.

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                    RayGoLXXV Level 1

                    I am trying to get to a page where I can download ImgBurn but it keeps taking me to Infra Recorder. Is ImgBurn no longer available and is this just as good?


                    I know this is not the right place to ask this but you are the one who told me about ImgBurn.

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                      RayGoLXXV Level 1

                      I hate windows free software you can never find the right button to download what you want

                      and not get a bunch of useless junk... Can you give me a link to ImgBurn

                      that has the correct software install behind one simple download button?

                      If not then Pre8 goes back in the box and it goes back to amazon.

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Try this LINK for ImgBurn. Go to the mirror of choice, and download. Do not click on any other links as there ARE ads all over.


                        Good luck,



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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          It seems to me that if alot of people have this problem, and I would think that alot do seeing as most if not all computers come with some type of CD/DVD burning software, that Adobe would want to fix it instead of having people use this work around.


                          The problem is how Adobe programs access the burner (via the OS) *, and how many different programs "hook" the burner at the machine level, and actually lie to the OS, telling it that it's not really a burner, but a removable HDD. This is so that the packet-writing, drag-and-drop file function will work, as though the blank disc IS a removeable HDD. The Roxio DLA and Nero In-CD are but two such programs. I have also found that Quicken (popular accounting program) can invoke the Windows CD/DVD writer program, if one has ever used the Backup to Disk and chosen the function to do so onto a blank CD. In that case, the Startup Services get changed, and the OS will usually see the multi-drive as a CD-only burner too.


                          I have elements of Nero on both my laptop and on my workstation, and both PrE and Encore work fine, plus see all my burners. However, I do NOT have In-CD, or any of Nero's "sniffer," or "watcher" programs installed - just the base stuff.


                          If one found that they needed both PrE/Encore, plus the ability to do drag-and-drop file copying through DLA or In-CD, they could install those packet-writng modules, but then go into MSCONFIG and uncheck their loading on boot-up for an authoring/burning session, after a reboot out of MSCONFIG. Unfortunately, I do not know of a way to really simplify that change, as it affects what gets loaded at boot-up, and that is even before the bulk of the OS loads. Still, it can be done, with a bit of planning.


                          Good luck,




                          * Adobe uses the licensed Sonic AuthorCore modules from Sonic to do all authoring functions. What we see in the authoring area of PrE is but an abstraction layer for those Sonic AuthorCore modules - this is the same with Adobe Encore, and was the same up through PrPro 2.0/CS2. The Sonic AuthorCore modules work at the OS level, so have to take the OS's word for it, when it says, "those are not the droids that you're looking for... " oh wait, when the OS says, "there is no burner here - just a removeable HDD." ImgBurn works at the machine level, and does not bother to even query the OS. It goes to the ASPI list and sees the burner. It is not fooled. For Adobe to change things, it would take a rewrite by Sonic, and while I'm sure that the licenses to Adobe do bring in $, they are busier selling Scenarist at US$ 60,000 per pop.