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    How to make a save state in the Flash iphone ios xml file?

    monkey500 Community Member

      Hi, I'm new to this forum and annoyingly the Adobe search bar doesn't seem to work. I was in the iphone packager forum, and tried

      to post a new thread. This is the closest I could find in the huge forum list!


      I'm looking for a way of pausing an ipad app, when you press the home button. So if you leave the app, you can come back to

      the place you were at.


      Is there a toggle from within flash CS5.5 that does this? If not is there a line or 2 of AS3 code I can put into my first frame?


      I've seen this code floating around, so I though I'd insert it near the bottom of the XML file. But whenever I modify this and

      republish the FLA, it comes up with errors.


      I'd like a reverse of this code - instead of exit, pause. (it's from a recent post), and also need to know where exactly to put it?


      "When a user switches away from an AIR application it enters the  background and pauses. If you want your application to exit completely  instead of pausing, set the UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend property to YES"


      <key>UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend</key>  <string>YES</string>



      Anyone got a simple solution for this? Thanks!