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    Setting destructionPolicy=”never”


      I’ve implemented the destructionPolicy=”never” idea mentioned here in a mobile application.


      Basically I’ve got a list (using custom itemrenderer) with an  IndexChangeEvent that push’s to a detail view.


      On the detail view I have  a back button which pops back to the list.


      With above everything works perfectly until you push then pop and  then rotate the device.


      When the device is rotated after the push and  pop the width and height of the list doesn’t seem to adjust it’s size  any more. So if I push and pop in portrait then rotate to landscape the  list stay’s at the size it was in portrait. The opposite is also true…  If I launch the app then rotate to landscape it works then push and pop  and then rotate to portrait the list stays in landscape.


      I’ve removed the destructionPolicy and tested without it and everything works as I would expect.


      Is there a ‘trick’ I can use that will resolve this as the list I’m  displaying is quite large and takes more than 5 seconds to build when I  pop back to it without the destructionPolicy set to never?