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    Lack of Capture Preview in PPro CS5 Using A/D Blackmagic Multibridge Eclipse

    lbsimpson Level 1

      Hi all,


      Intersting issue here...just purchased and  configured a new Blackmagic Multibridge Eclipse I/O box.  SO far so good  in terms of up/down conversion etc., but having a bit of an issue  establishing a connection with our Sony PVW-2800 Betacam Deck.  I have  gone through the Blackmagic manual etc. and we have all of our settings  adjusted correctly in PPro and do get an auditory/visual preview on our  true-color LCD monitor/external audio mixer.  It is hte lack of visual  in the PPRo capture window that is the problem.  Remote deck control is  funcitoning fine, and we are able to click the red record button and the  timecode does start rolling, but when record is stopped, no clip pops  into the set project bin.


      What am I missing here?  Device Control is set to Blackmagic, format is NTSC 4:3 and DV.  Let me  know if you need any more specifications.  Maybe this is still a  Blackmagic problem...but with some trial/error it seems to point to  PPro.  We are able to succesfully capture using Blackmagic Express.


      Thanks for the feedback,