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    Missing toolbar


      Adobe Reader X, Windows 7

      I've noticed that when I open some PDF files the toolbar isn't shown. For instance this problem occurs with this file: 4004007.PDF. How do I fix this?


      Thanks, Jim B

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          I'm not a computer whiz

          so I may not be understanding you correctly. When you say 'toolbar' do you mean the fully-functional style Adobe used for decades across the screen top? Or do you mean the new, limited-characters style that comes and goes at screen bottom when you move your mouse near it? If the latter, then try clicking on the stylized Adobe "A" at the far right of the 'phantom' toolbar and the traditional one will appear for that session. You have to do this each item you open Reader. I hope that helps.

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            jimbir Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. This was happening when I opened a file in my browser I discovered your solution by accident. after the toolbar is opened, you can then save a copy of the file. when you open that file the toolbar automatically opens. Problem solved.  I noticed in another post that hitting the F8 key will do the same thing. I tried that and it does work.