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    Can I link to images using absolute paths in HTML Help and still see them locally?


      I'm publishing HTML help pages to a Web server.  All .htm files on the Web server are in their own folder, and all image files are in a separate folder.  Links to images are generally of the form <img src="/images/clear.png" height="14" width="8">.  That is, the images use an absolute path reference from the doc root folder (rather than relative path from the current file folder, such as "../images/myImg.png").


      I can modify the HTML for the images to follow this convention, but then I cannot see the images locally within RoboHelp, but must instead wait until the files are integrated with the Web server.  Is there a way to set up a RoboHelp project so that I can force an image path of "/images" both locally and in the HTML?


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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          RoboHelp expects the images to be within the project and will need that if you are to see them when working. It then uploads them to the server when you publish.  There is a check box when you publish so that only updated files get  uploaded.


          You could point Resource Manager to the server folder with the images and then link to those images. What happens then is the image gets downloaded into your project so that you see it when working. If the server image changes you will see the icon in Project Manager changes so that you can update the local copy. It would be a one-off exercise changing your workflow.


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