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    jxz008 Level 1
      We know that in order to force the footer-view 'fixed' at its page-bottom position, we have to do a few things, 1) using position y='page.height', 2) using a layout="absolute", especially 2) is also required together with 1).

      However, if doing that PrintDataGrid cannot calculate and do its pagination (roll-over rows) correctly? I found other people asked about similar questions, but I could not find any answer to the question. Any body has ideas/examples?

      Thanks a lot for your help!
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          Ansury Level 3
          You probably already looked but have you seen the example in the docs yet?

          http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/langref/mx/printing/PrintDataGrid.html#includeExamplesSum mary

          This can be a tough problem to solve in Flex if you need to do something "tricky" that PrintDataGrid wasn't designed to do. I was able to come up with a method of getting a decent multipage report with a basic print preview using the example here, but it took some experimentation. And it hasn't been heavily tested yet either so I can't say for sure that it'll work out.

          If you keep your goal modest (to start), and perhaps add any desired "frills" one at a time gradually after you've gotten the most basic requirements met, you might be successful at putting a decent solution together.

          Adobe really needs to improve on capabilities like this for Flex 4. I'd be happy with just reporting enhancements (like this) and bugfixes, but they probably aren't even planned. Printing in Flex beyond the most basic of requirements sucks. It's really partially a Flash problem too, but that's still no excuse.
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            jxz008 Level 1

            Thanks much for your help!

            We had more than one issues with non-trivial print-job of Flex3. Wish we could get some help from flex experts out there....