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    Issue with loading style (Errors 1053 and 1065)

    Ameya Mogare Level 1



      I am modifying an existing Flex sdk 3.0.0 project which has a separate flex app for stylesheet.

      It is loading the styles in creationComplete() as: -



      private function loadStyle():void{
           var protocol:String=URLUtil.getProtocol(application.url);
            var adress:String=URLUtil.getServerName(application.url);
            var port:String;
                   else port="";
                   StyleManager.loadStyleDeclarations(protocol+"://"+adress+port+"/webdynpro/resources/vendo r.com/javaportal~flexstyle/Components/com.vendor.javaportal.flexstyle.flexstyleapp.comp.Fl exStyleComp/StyleFlex.swf",true);



      I made some CSS modifications in 'StyleFlex.swf' project and created a new version of swf as "StyleFlex_12.swf"

      I corrected the same in above code.


      But I runtime, I get following two exceptions (in below order): -


      VerifyError: Error #1053: Illegal override of removeChildBridge in mx.managers.SystemManagerProxy.
      ReferenceError: Error #1065: Variable _StyleFlex_12_mx_managers_SystemManager is not defined.


      Can you plese help me with what is going wrong here?