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    Rendering problem


      Ok, so im a bit new at after effects and having a bit of an issue that I can't seem how to figure it out. When I have a composition and have it in the bottom bar. Say I want to render it by pressing "SPACE BAR".  What happens is that it seems to render ok up until about 1min and 30sec. Than the entire rendered area starts to shift left. Seems as though I can only render 1.5min of anything.  I am running at 100% of picture in preview window.  Im not sure if it has to do with settings/preferences or not.  I know about ram-preview and that works ok most the time.  Not sure about the pre-render though.  Any help would be appreciated.


      i7-870 2.93GHz

      16GB DDR3 Dual Channel ram

      XFX 5850 1GB video card running eyefinity (3 monitors)

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Very little to nothing is realtime in AE. You do RAM previews instead. Please read this for an explanation and some useful links to resources.



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            WTFfilms Level 1

            Here is the other side of things though. So my Brother in law has AE5, and he can render about 10 min. Half the ram, using AMD proc.  Matched all of our settings the same. I am missing something, but IDK what.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              You are missing the comp viewer resolution option most likely. A comp viewed at 100% will naturally always preview shorter than the same comp at 50% or lower since there are more pixels/ more data to keep in RAM. Additionally, things like disk caching may come into play - on a system with a fast drive, the disk cache may be fast enough to load the frames in time, giving the illusion of infinite realtime playback. However, that still depends on whether these frames already have been previewed/ rendered so they can be used and even then switching the preview resolution woudl cause re-rendering. Also, just in case we are missing the obvious here, if you are still on CS4, you are using a 32bit program that can never address as much RAM as a 64bit app like CS5. And last not least, your settings may match all the way and you may even run the same version, but you are still using a different processor. This, for all intents and purposes would make a huge difference especially when using multiprocessing since hyperthreading and such has an impact on the memory and performance metrics...