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    Illustrator CS5 not responding during rendering




      I have a strange problem that I don't understand, maybe someone can help me?


      I run Illustrator CS5 on a win7 64bits / i7 / 8 Go RAM / ATI Radeon HD 5470 and each time I want to apply a simple 3D effect (3D rotation), AI is freezing during the rendering... The aim is to do a disco ball by revolution of a half circle with a map art for the disco ball faces. Everything is OK until I try to change the disco ball perspective axis! Illustrator is not responding anymore and win7 ask me for closing the program.


      I have already try different issues without success:

      - change the scratch disk

      - improve the performance : closing all running applications, simplify win7 display settings (disable aero,...), clean/defrag the disk, the register and memory, define a swap up to 24 Go

      - ramdisk dedicated to readyboost, scratch disk of AI and swap


      It usually freezes after 50% progression, with the optimized performance it goes sometimes until 90%...


      Thank you in advance!