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    Latency (sync VideoElement with MovieClip)

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      I have a MovieClip witch contain several visuals elements, movieclip

      timeline must be sync with VideoElement.

      To do that, I start movieclip timeline when BUFFERING mediaplayer state

      is false, each 10 ms, I check if visual timeline needed to be resync

      whith mediaPlayer.currentTime (if time difference is equal or greater

      than 20 ms)


      The problem is : on Windows there is a latency witch affect the user

      experience, on mac it works like a charm.


      I use FLash CS5 and Flex SDK 4.5 + Flash Player 10.2


      This is my code (sample) :


      _videoElement = new VideoElement( null, new HTTPStreamingNetLoader());

      _parallelElement = new ParallelElement();



      _mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(_parallelElement);

      _mediaPlayer.currentTimeUpdateInterval = 10;









      function bufferingChangeHandler(event:BufferEvent):void












      function currentTimeChangeHandler(event:TimeEvent):void


             //check if timeline need to be sync

             var timelineInterval:Number = timeline.currentTime -



             if (Math.abs(timelineInterval) > 0.2 )


                     timeline.currentTime = _mediaPlayer.currentTime;




      Timeline is ALWAYS sync. But visually we can see timeline in advance of

      the video, probably because of latency or less depending on the system.


      *** Sometimes I got 150 ms, sometimes 50ms. ***


      on Mac is always less than 30 ms


      If i use HTTPStreamingNetLoader NetStream.appendBytes() is used no ? so latency should be better ?


      What can I do to have a latency close to 0 in any environment ?


      Thanks !!