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    How to integrate Flex with Word Documents

    Kadher Moideen S

      Now I am doing R & D about Flex and MS-Office integration (.doc, .dox, .odt, .ods, .xls, .xlsx).

      While surfing the internet some people said there is no way to display & edit document in flex applications. But some people suggested to use third party tools.


      I got print2flash as a third party tool which is helpful to convert word file to .swf file but it not working some times. So I couldnt get any idea regarding this. Kindly help to me to fix this.

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          Zolotoj Level 3

          I would try a couple of things and see what works the best. If you need to show an exact document replica than going with PDF or HTML format should be your first choice. The conversion would be done on the server and the only solution to come up with is how to show documents. In order to show either format you will have to stick to an AIR application. If it has to be a web application than you can try opening a word doc over the network as a file (doing it from an html wrapper), or loading it from your web and allowing the Browser showing it via a default document viewer. In both situations a document will be open in a new browser window. If that's not an option, go back to AIR.