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    IOS 5 beta publishing doesn't work?




      I recently updated my flash to cs5.5 and my iPad (1g) to the IOS 5 beta.

      Since then I haven't been able to publish my apps to any IOS device.

      The apps run in adl and as swf on my macbook pro, but on my iPad (IOS 5) and iPhone 3gs (IOS 5) they just start up and freeze at the stage.

      I use a loader to load a soundfile and image to the stage right at the start but they just don't show up.


      The weirdest thing is that my colleague uses cs5.5 on windows and cs5 on a mac to publish to the same iPad and his apps do work!

      When I tried to publish on another mac in cs5 I just got the same problem as before.


      I hope someone knows a solution for this problem because it is getting on my nerves.