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    Grep Bug when Using Change All or FindChangeByList

    brandonkboswell Level 1

      I'm currently working on an xml based business card file and the formatting requires me to search for a phone number followed by a End of Paragraph followed by a Page Break and then remove the unnecessary Paragraph Return. For some reason inDesign will not find an End of Paragraph then a Page Break through the following grep code "\r~P", however if I search for "\r\r" it will find it. I have been able to get this to work with "(\d{3}\.\d{3}.\d{4})\r\r" and then change to "$1~P", however each subsequent business card loses one number off of the end (804.777.7777, 804.777.777, 804.777.77 etc). The code works just find if I use "Change/Find" but if I use "Change All" or FindChangeByList.jsx characters are lost.


      What would cause this?