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    Table of Contents Issue - InDesign Book

    Motor City Madman

      Thanks in advance for all your help.  I'm trying to wrap up a training project in InDesign.  I've created a book (.indb) that compiles three (3) different documents (.indd).  The documents include a TOC file, followed by two content/lesson files.


      The problem I am having is when I am building/updating the table of contents (in .indd file 1).  For some reason, the TOC update is not including the headers and page numbers of the second .indd content file (file 3).  It builds the TOC for the first file (file 2), however, it ignores the second file as if it didn't exist.  I have synchronized the styles to no avail.


      Furthermore, I've tried to create a new book that includes these files to see if the issue was at the book level.  This did not solve the problem.


      Is there a setting or radio button I am overlooking somewhere?  Any help would be appreciated!