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    Please help- Fireworks CS3 popup menu displaying wrong positions on live page


      Greetings all,


      I am new to Fireworks and my knowledge of html and dreamweaver is pretty basic, So i am learning as I go here. My problem is this: I have created a popup menu for the site http://www.theatricalprojections.com I used Fireworks to edit a .png and position the menus and links that I want. I had everything set up the way I wanted it to look except that when I published the code, the menus are showing up in the wrong postions on the live site, while it works fine when I preview it locally. You'll notice that the menu popping up for the word "consoles" isn't next to the word where it should be.


      I exported the png to an htm file. I then copied this code and I had to paste it into a box in the Able Commerce system we have for managing the site. I suspect the fact that I am insterting the code into a box within this software makes things different though I really have no idea.


      Please help me!


      Ill be glad to post any other info to make this isse more clear