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    How can I create "portable" inDesign hyperlinks?


      I need to archive a large catalog of .pdf documents.  To do this I created an inDesign CS5 file to act at the index.


      I then created hyperlinks to the individual files from the index.  This all works fine on my computer.


      BUT - when I move it out to a shared server where my department needs to access it, it ceases to work.


      File Structure:

      >> Desktop

      >>>>Project folder

      >>>>Indesign index file and resulting index .pdf at this level

      >>>>>>>Sub File folder-1

      >>>>>>>20 files that index file links to


      I know the reason is the file path is looking for my computer/desktop/project folder/sub folder.


      When I copied the project folder to a shared server the first three levels of this path changed.


      Does anyone know the work-around on this?