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    Design mode will not stop

    John Hall Level 4

      Posted in Flex forum but I guess this is really a Flash Builder question:


      Since installing 4.5, I continue to get the message "preparing the  design mode for...., i.e., taking a long time." Fine, so I use the  checkbox to say stop asking me this and No I don't want to continue  rendering, but it keeps asking every few seconds. It's almost worse than  the old method where things just slowed down for a bit. Any advice on  how to get it to stop asking?

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          RaniKumar Level 2

          Time taken is considered per file.  And dont show me this option is applicable only for that file for that rendering.  So if you close and open the file or if you open another big file,  it may start the same process again.

          So if you are working with pretty big files and if you are not planning to use design view. you can disable design mode by

          Window -> Enable Desing Mode -Uncheck this option,