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    Does IDCS5.5 save screen position

    Garrett Connelly Level 1



      I am disappointed that CS5 is jerky and always opens at full screen and that it saves at whatever page is being worked on, but won't save upon returning to page one, so that the file subsequently opens at page one.


      Why does it bother me that IDCS5 always opens full screen ? Because everytime I open it I have to make it smaller to gain access to my file system, each chapter is in text edit and I like to have it open behind the book spreads so I can update the text file if I want to.


      Older versions of InDesign opened at the magnification and position they were saved in and were much more user friendly in that regard. The IDCS5 is so jerky it is tough to position it without a concentrated struggle (for me).


      If IDCS5.5 addresses these issues I will buy it in a flash. Really, it's a little boring to delete a letter on page one and then put it back so IDCS5 willopen on page 1