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    .wmv output looks blurry

    Bucketheadd Level 1

      Ok here's the scene..boom:



      SD footage with titles and logo trying to encode as .wmv. When switching back between source and output window, the output is considerably blurrier than the source. I have scaled down my images and logos in PS before importing into PP. The main problem is that my lower third is somewhat blurry.


      I have been succussful in the past encoding the exact same video to .WMV. This is why I'm stumped. It has worked before and now the output is slightly blurry for everything on the screen no matter what I change in the encoding options.


      .mp4 (H .264) works great, but, I need .WMV in addition to MP4. Thats just what my employer wants. We use .WMV to send to customer PCs and .MP4's for youtube.


      Output: 720x480 (.9091), compressed, VBR, 2 pass, Avg 1500kbps

      Source: 720x480 (.9091)


      I have been fiddling with images and the timeline itself sine the first successful encode to .WMV a few months ago. is there anything that I could've done to the timeline or certain importing that might affect this for .WMV.