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    Fireworks not saving edits.

    markf12 Level 1

      I have just done my 3rd html/images click thru mockup of a website using Fireworks. I have been experiencing much trouble with editing button symbols and also with button symbol pop up menus. It seems that in order to enable/disable a behavior such as "down state upon load" or to make changes to the appearance of a pop-up menu I must make one change, save the file, close the file, and then re-open. If I try to make more than one change or don't close and re-open, the changes I made do not "stick". this is a real pain and hassle. Has anyone else experienced this?


      I have always tried to avoid blaming software for problems I have. I must, however, say that I find Fireworks to be a very quirky and poorly functioning application. There are a number of other problems like confusing menus and strange behaviors and lack of functionality. I like having the mock-up tool and it could be very useful but......I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Pro all with no complaints. Fireworks needs attention from Adobe IMHO. (end of rant)


      So has anyone experienced the problem with editing button symbols/pop-up menus and not having the edits "stick", or is just me? Thanks!