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    How to generate a .MOV from PrEl 9

    Mr Nielsen Level 1

      Hi ...have started a thread about below some days ago.......


      Tries to generate a -.MOV file from PrEl 9 and the question was really about if this (or some other file output should be what to aim for) to output a .MOV file...and if so, how to best output this to my LED TV set (46 inch Samsung)......this would be the main priority for my output and the question (after figuring out what the best possible output format to aim for except burning Blue Ray) is what Hardware to use for this purpose - my initial thought was some kind of media player but I'm totally out in the blue here and havent got a clue about differencies and advantages with these media players....


      So below goes my answers to some complementary questions asked from my previous thread some days ago.....all help appreciated....my initial HD (avchd) is captured from a Canon HF10 recorder.....


      Previous message goes :


      I'm on a PC riunning widws 7 (if that makes any differences to somethin). The reason I was asking for .MOv specifically was because I got a recomendation some time ago frm someone.....


      What I really struggle with here I guess, is that I'm not at all into the different formats and what drawbacks and upsides there are depending upon what to do. And as a ersult of this, I only know the DVD generation and the Blue ray disc generation because these are the "easy accesibble" methods since they are pre-defined on the software´s menus (sort of)


      My first couple of video projects I did, I tried to burn to a DVD jsut to see what it looked like, but as expected the result was awful compared to the original files.....what I erally would like to do is to (in the end) have a collection of videofiles (as output from my edited projecs) and be able to in a smooth and easy way show these "movies" on my 46 inch LED TV. What I had hoped for was to use some sort of media player that could spport the format I hopefully can be able to save my output in......so basically my problems is that :

      1. I dont know how to save he best possible format from my edited moves

      2. Dont know whereto put these if I in the ed an understand and manage to egnerate a "good format" - i have ben trying to get a good recommendation aout a media player fr this purpose that ca handle the format I should saveteh files in

      3. Skilled people here talking about different kind of code's which unforunatelly means nothing to me (at least not yet -))


      Ireally enjoy trying to improve my sklls here, but seems to be a struggle o get ino the details about these basic questions......not so funny to spend a lot fo time with teh editing jsut to not be able to see a good result or even know how to make it possible to replay in agood way to my TV set. So, original plan is just to be able o build up a library with god quality movies to display on TV - nothing else like sharing online (not at the moment at least)


      By the way - just got two of your books delivered from amazon.com that I have started readig Ph Elements & Pr Elements 9  + the one with cool tips & tricks :-)


      Hopefully you can help me out here with above questions Steve. Appreciate your help !!








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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Thanks for supporting the books, Mr. N!


          How you output your movie depends, as always, on what device you're going to play it on.


          You have already opted out of outputting a BluRay. Does this mean you don't have a BluRay player? That would be far and away your best option. And BluRay players can be had relatively inexpensively these days.


          Other than that it, as I said, depends on what you're playing the video on. A DVD player? An iPod? a Roku box? Apple TV? They all play a different format, and they all have an ideal format that they work with.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Unfortunately, I have no direct experience to help you here, but I see a lot of people using the Western Digital Media Hubs.


            Looking at the specifications, it does allow for a broad range of media formats and CODEC's to be used.


            How well it handles each, I cannot tell you.


            It also has quite a few input options, which could be useful, as it appears that one can hook it to several types of storage devices, including your computer.


            With a Gigabit network connection, one could hook up a NAS, or several NAS storage units. Not sure if the Gigabit connection would be fast enough to stream HD Video, so someone else will have to help you out there.


            Still, either the HDMI, or composite cable connections should be quite good.


            Good luck, and I hope that others can give you some direct recommendations. I would also post to the Muvipix.com Community/Forums, as there might be a broader base of users to supply input.



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              Mr Nielsen Level 1



              thanks for your reply...the thing is that I do not want to be dependent upon my PC...I would like the possibility to have the media on a device where I can playback from whenever to my TV set.......I found it really frustrating that it is this tech djungle since I do not have/intend to go for a Blur Ray player.....but from all answers I get from people with the knowledge it does not seem to be easy to get PrEl 9 to output a format (other then BR) that would not compress/make format quality to go in the "wrong direction" - that is for me as a newbie very puzzeling...if I have a camera that allows me to get clips in high quality, i does not seem to be able to "use" that quality for playback if I do not invest in Blue Ray recorder and blue ray player.......


              Anyway Hunt, thanks for your reply and please give me your thoughts on my thinking above....


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                Mr Nielsen Level 1

                Hi Steve


                I have tried to push the Blue Ray option away..mostly because I do not want to buy both a blue ray recorder and a blue ray player...the problem with my replay is really that I do not know what playback device to use. As I replied to Hunt in my last post just recently, I found it puzzeling that its so hard and seem to be so technical complicated (to not say impossible) to use my HD material / original clips and keep the quality all the way through playback, by using some export/output options/formats in PrEl 9......have been struggleing with this questions for a while......just imagined that someone should tell me like "save the file in this format using this procedure, then you can replay that file from this particular media device without loosing quality from the project/original clips"....something like that...but obviously this seem to be a technical thing that is hard to overcome if I understand everything correctly ? or am I missing some vital things/points here......?


                How do other perople playback the material, I believe no one would like to playback material with lousier quality then possible...I mean people without Blue Ray possibilities, how d othey normally do ? where do the yplayback the finalized projects? How do they normally save the files ? what about people outputting to TV set, I would imagine this to be the most common place to output if you would like to show friends/family your complete and edited movies ? or is it just like that - a lot of people (without Blue Ray option) just burn a DVD, dont bother that the quality will go down, and display the output on a TV ?


                Just doesnt feel good to continue to develop skills in the editing part before grasping this thing about how to output my data.....kind of das when the first bucnh of movies I created on the PC just looks like "crap" from a quality standpoint when trying to show them on the TV set.......hope you understand all my issues Im trying to get through, and that I can get the final understanding to let go of all these quality/output/fiel format/hardware to use - questions and concerns :-)


                VERY greatful for the final help in solving these questions :-)




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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  As we've said, Mr. N, we need to know what device you're going to play your video on before we can recommend an output spec.


                  There are thousands of devices out there that will play video, many of them capable of playing video on your TV. This includes iPods, iPads, Apple TV, Roku Boxes, Boxee devices, disc players, DVRs, etc. Each has its own unique technical requirements.


                  Disc players are far and away the easiest to use and most universal.


                  But, if they're not for you, you have to let us know which player you're planning to use.

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                    Mr Nielsen Level 1

                    Hi again



                    Ok, the big problem for myself is that I do not have any knowledge and/or skills when it comes to judge the differencies between different devices..so I guess I just cant tell you what I'm aiming for, that was part of what I hoped get some guidance with here :-) still realizeof course that there are a lot of options......just trying to understand what I could use based upon my completed PrEl 9 projects......


                    Will a .MOV file be as good as if I would put money into a Blue Ray burner and Blue Ray Player ? Or would that option be of better quality compared to generating a .MOV file and have that one re-played from a media box of some kind..........so, to summarize, not sure I can tell you what device to use since all the specs for each device can not tell me about my possibilities in the end......because I do not have enough understanding about all possible formats and codecs etc etc...



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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      A BluRay will give you the best possible playback on an HDTV in the most convenient, standardized package.