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    Reader and IE 9 Problems...I think?


      I use Win7 x64

      IE9 32-bit

      Reader X  10.1.0 (Currently installed) and Reader 9.4 for Win7

      Reader X 10.0.1 Build 36893 for Android

      I keep having troubles trying to access PDF files on the web. I have tried both versions of reader available for Win7. I can open pdf's in both program with no trouble...but when I want to save or open them through the web I have trouble like the following pictures. I am hoping it isn't a problem with IE9. What can I do? I really need to be able to open/save documents from the web. I have the Duke Energy error on my android (EVO) as well.

      Reader X open problem.pngReader X save problem.jpgReader X duke enregy bill view problem.jpg