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    No longer valid serial number -- save me from customer service


      I had purchased a scanner a year or so ago, which came bundled with Adobe Photoshop Elements. I've been using the software without issue, but when I tried to install in my brand-new Mac, an "invalid" serial number message appeared.


      I've been going back and forth with customer service at a piecemeal rate, and the upshot is some stranger's name is associated with my serial number (!) and they require proof of purchase. Since it's not easy finding a 2 year old receipt, I scanned the original Mac & Windows disks (which show they are part of a bundle), plus the Canon instruction manual cover. Customer service repeated the mantra, and on my request "escalated" to a supervisor who was in a "meeting."


      Can someone please tell me how to install something I legitimately own, and have successfully used for nearly two years with no issues? Much appreciated. (On what I thought was a flash of brilliance, I asked the rep to check the Windows serial number, but I don't believe she did so.)