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    Adobe reader tacking over all my desktop icons, please help !


      Ì Installed Adobe leader 10 to my laptop, after installation Adobe reader took over all my desktop Icons including IE and Firefox, Opera and Safari any program at all and if I click on any of them Adobe reader opens half way and an information window appears telling me this (THERE IS NO PROGRAM ASSOCIATED WITH THIS FILE TO EXECUTE THIS OPERATION, INSTALLED A PROGRAM OR IF THE EXIST ALREADY CREATE AN ASSOCIATION FROM CONTROL PANEL DEFAULT PROGRAM) , if I click ok the window will close along with  Adobe reader, I uninstalled it and installed Adobe reader 9 it  came with the same problem I have Adobe reader CS5, Dreamweaver CS5 and Adobe Illustration CS5 installed  in my laptop and the updates always take effect,  and to my surprise none of them  came with  Adobe reader when installing I had to download Adobe  reader separate to install, , it was downloaded from this site http://www.softwarepatch.com/ , I believe is not virus but there should problem somewhere ?, I have  antivirus installed in my laptop, please help me out.

      Samson Jerry