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    Editing content from a doc file

      I am new to RoboHelp HTML. My manager has asked me to use the printed documentation feature in RoboHelp. Within this doc file, my manager is making edits to the content. Since I already have a project in RoboHelp, what should I be doing to make the edits for each topic? My manager is using track changes in the .doc file. I am manually going through those changes and copying/pasting the text into RoboHelp.

      Should I be using RoboHelp for Word instead? It seems that RoboHelp HTML is easier to use. Maybe I should have had my boss write up all the content and finalize it before I created the RoboHelp HTML project? Any suggestions?
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          I certainly wouldn't advocate using RH for Word. The answer will depend on the level of changes. If what you are doing is no real hardship, then that's what I and a lot of others do in that situation. Other options include the use of Dreamweaver 8 and Contribute.

          Dreamweaver 8 does a nice job of creating clean code from a Word document except it writes the tables in its usual sqeaky clean manner whereas RH has its own approach.

          If the edits are extensive, then see the topic on my site about Reviewing. Using Contribute though is excessive with relatively small scale changes.