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    Stroked frame moving when opening document on different computer

    Stephane Cyr

      When creating a 8.5 x 11 transparent (filled with "none") frame, applying 0.5 pt black stroke and setting both it's x and y coordinates to 0, I select the frame and get x coordinate to 0 in, y coordinate to 0 in, width to 8.5 in and height to 11 in.  Then I save the document, close it and have another user (on another computer with the exact same hardware/software configuration) opening it.  The frame coordinates are now x coordinate to -0,0035 in, y coordinate to  -0,0035 in, width to 8.5069 in and height to 11.0069 in.  If I have that user close that document (without changing anything) and I reopen it on my computer, measurements are back to x coordinate = 0 in, y coordinate = 0 in, width = 8.5 in and height = 11 in.  I searched every preferences but cannot find what can cause that.  Any idea anyone?